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Warning: Included a lot of slash obsessed rants and murmurs.

8 May 1979
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I've been obsessed boybands for ages. I've almost spent all my money that I've earned for them.

In the beginning, I was in love with Backstreet boys when I was eighteen. It didn't matter that much.
Now, some of my favorite bands are Blazin' Squad and Busted. Oh dare, I'm a woman in my twenties. I'm really into European (apart from British) pop acts at the moment as well. Dutch band Di-Rect and Danish duo Nik&Jay are my favorites. They aren't famous internationally, but they should be.

And I don't mind if I go abroad to see popstars/boybands. Actually, I went to London to see Backstreet Boys gigs in 1999. In 2003, I went to NYC to see Kevin from BSB in Chicago and to London as well. And then in 2004, I visited England again. I saw Gareth Gates, Busted and Blazin' Squad. All gigs are awesome. I was really excited.

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